Aroura  16.5x19



Back of  23.5x16.5 Unframed


Blue    31x35" 

Can't See the Forest for the Trees 19.5x20.5"



Challenge 25x40"



Chilli  20.5x15" Unframed"



Colaboration  28x27"   


Construction 23x28" Unframed



Cornered  25x40"


Dream 24.5x34.5


Enter the Light  22x46" 



  Flare  19.5x19.5"


Fluid 30x30"  


Flutter 17x26"

Fractured Spaces 19x32"


Glide   19.5x19.5"


Gold Rush 21sx39 


I Feel Like Dancing  23x25" 



In the Pink  19.5x19.5" 


 Joy  25x25"



 Layers  11x11" 


Opening 28x30"


Out of Nowhere  25x25"




Project Runway  35x29" 


Rear Window 25x27"


Relic 11.5x19.5 Unframed


 Seeing Eye 23x28"  



Slice of Life  23x28" 

 Somewhere 36x31.5"


Solar 31.5x36


Southwest  26x24" 



Wavelength 22x39" 


Wrapped   31x31" 


All paintings are mixed media and the backgrounds are white.