Designer Wall Quilts are created from original designs.  

All quilts are cotton some small parts may be lame" for elegance. They are machine pieced and hand quilted.

 Some are hand beaded. All should be cold water washed and laid flat to dry and stay squared.  They are hung on a narrow flat rod which doesn't show. 



Another World   25x26.5" Hand Beaded



Arbor  42.5x42.5"  Cotton fabric with Lame"



Asia   25x37.5 Hand Beaded


Ancient History 37x54.5" Figures Hand Beaded 



Connections   34x23"  Hand Beaded 


Continuum  43x45"  Hand Beaded



Contrast 25x32"   Black Frame Hand Beaded



Cranes  46.5x28"  Hand Beaded


Crossings  37x56" Hand Beaded


Desert  36x44" Hand Beaded



Dragon  24x35" Hand Beaded


Flying Geese  31x40" Hand Beaded

Second Place Collective Visions Gallery



Hill & Dale    52x18" Black Frame Hand Beaded 



KeyHole 48x37 Hand Beaded



Klimt's Tree  37.5x20.75 Beaded


Moving  25x30"  Hand Beaded


My World   38.5x30"  Hand Beaded


Ocean  20.5x29"  Hand Beaded



Over the Moon 19x30"  Beaded 

Path  43.5x37"


Prairie  37.5x49" Hand Beaded  


Religious Nothing  29x20.5" Hand Beaded

Rings of Gold 31x40"



Rollercoaster     17x32 Beaded


    Spring  46.5x25  Hand Beaded



Swirl  44x32.5"  Hand Beaded



The Twist   30x40"  Hand Beaded


                     Trailing Vines  17x40"

                                                      Hand Beaded                                                                                         

      Transition   25x32"  Hand Beaded



Wave   26x35" Hand Beaded  



Wild  26x35"  Hand Beaded


Zig Zag 20.75x30" Hand Beaded